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Sweet Sixteen:
WQG Virtual Quilt Show 2021

Westshore Quilters' Guild of Victoria, B.C. is proud to present our virtual quilt show for 2021.  The Guild has hosted a quilt show every other year since it's inception in 2005, however, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we were unable to host an in-person event.  So we thought we would showcase the talents of the members of the WQG and their quilting endeavors during these unprecedented times. 

The Quilt Show is divided into FIVE categories.  Large Quilts.  Medium Quilts.  Small Quilts.  Wallhangings & Runners.  Charity Quilts.

Charity Quilts


Charity Quilts

Westshore Quilters' Guild has a proud history of supporting our community through the donation of quilts and other items as required.  Our primary donation focus is Cridge Transition House and Anney's Closet, but our quilts lovingly made and donated by our generous members also are presented to Quilts of Valour, Priory Lane, Emergency Forest Fire Evacuees,  Residential School Survivors and more.

Large Quilts - 70 inches +

Medium Quilts 50" - 69" wide

Small Quilts - up to 49" wide

Wallhangings & Runners (all sizes)

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