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Westshore Charity Quilt Society Fundraising

You are invited to take part in a fundraising program using Fairway Market Community Shopping Cards. These reloadable cards are similar to the Smile Cards we've used in the past but these are for use at Fairway Markets.

To take part in this program, please contact Shar L.  

Load or re-load your card at any check out counter at any of the 10 Fairway Market stores on Vancouver Island. Use any means of payment including your favourite credit card to collect points or miles. You may re-load between $20 and $500 each time and you can re-load the same card multiple times.   

Find a Fairways Market location and use the Fairways community card

The Charity Society automatically receives 5% from Fairway Market for every dollar loaded on the card.

2023 Quilt Show Raffle Quilts

For each of our Quilt Shows, the Charity Society sells raffle tickets for several raffle quilts, made by our members.  The raffle quilts are professionally appraised and are always beautiful quilts.  Raffle tickets are sold by members to friends and neighbours, are available for sale at the Quilt Show, and our also sold at various community events.  

For our 2023 Quilt Show, we had three stunning quilts available for lucky raffle ticket winners to own.  

A beautiful raffle quilt from our 2023 Quilt Show.

This gorgeous quilt in south-west colours was made by Marlene Speed. It is a modification of the Blazing Star quilt by Nancy Clark. Measuring 92” x 92”, this quilt was appraised and valued at $3,600.

This quilt was won by Cindy.

Another of our raffle quilts from the 2023 Quilt Show.

Carol Malmgren, a former member of the Westshore Quilters' Guild, made this superb red and white quilt. It measures 89” x 98”, perfect for a Queen-sized bed. It was appraised and is valued at $2,400.

This quilt was won by Suzanne Tremblay.

One of our raffle quilts from the 2023 Quilt Show.

Our third spectacular raffle quilt, featuring the maple leaf block in a unique configuration, was designed and made by Allison Metzger. It measures 79” x 79” and was appraised and valued at $1,200.

This quilt was won by Anne Pokocky.

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