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If you are a member in good standing of the Westshore Quilters' Guild, you may sign up to access all the fun stuff in the member's only area. You will need to sign up and be approved before you can log in.  

Calendar Project - As an upcoming fundraiser, we are planning a calendar for 2024.  Please consider submitting an entry to this project.  We are on the cusp of Spring weather and, therefore, outdoor photography will be easier.


However, indoor settings are lovely as well - perhaps draped over the beautiful staircase at the Art Gallery, at the 4 Mile Restaurant, 17 Mile pub by the fireplace, local community museum, one of our many flower or plant shops - all it takes is a phone call or a drop-in visit to ask if they would allow it and what time of day would be best - then the picture taking can be arranged. Rhodo season is almost here as well, imagine your quilt beside a gorgeous Rhodo bush or magnolia tree or in a field of daffodils, snow crocuses, Camas lilies. What setting would enhance your quilt design, colours?

We have received several wonderful entries and are expecting many more entries over the next few months prior to our July 15 cut-off. We have so many amazing and prolific quilters in our Guild.
Remember this is a fundraiser for OUR guild. The main criteria is the photographs need to be in landscape format.
Please contact Marlyn S at or phone if you have questions or need help with the
photography.  Click here for the submission form.

Have fun with this! Your Calendar Committee, Marlyn S, Lorelei R, Sue D.

Our speaker, Jen Houlden at the March meeting was truly inspiring!!  Please check your email for a generous limited time offer for our guild to make a discounted purchase on her website.


Our latest fundraising venture is an easy one. Next time you need to fuel up your vehicle, go to a Peninsula Co Op gas station and use the Guild's co op number.  The membership number is 140033, can be shared with any family members or friends to support the Guild.  Use it whenever you make purchases from Peninsula Co-op or participating Save-On Gas. At the end of the year, the Guild will earn a rebate, based on the dollar amount of purchases members have made throughout the year.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for your support!

An ad hoc fundraising committee has been set up to brainstorm ideas to raise funds for the Guild.  Ideas have included selling Purdy's chocolates, retreats, a calendar, making patterns, craft sale, pancake breakfast and more.  If you have any ideas or wish to join the committee, please email with fundraising in the subject line. 

Charity Fundraising

You are invited to take part in a new fundraising program using Fairway Market Community Shopping Cards. These reloadable cards are similar to the Smile Cards we've used in the past but these are for use at Fairway Markets.


To take part in this program, please pick up your reloadable Fairway Market card from Shar.

Load or re-load your card at any check out counter at any of the 10 Fairway Market stores on Vancouver Island. Use any means of payment including your favourite credit card to collect points or miles. You may re-load between $20 and $500 each time and you can re-load the same card multiple times.   

WQG automatically receives 5% from Fairway Market for every dollar loaded on the card.

Sweet Sixteen Virtual Quilt Show -   

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