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Special Interest Groups

The Guild has two Special Interest Groups.  There's no cost to join a Special Interest Group, it's free for members.  If you're interested in joining one of the groups, or want to start a Special Interest Group of your own, contact the Programs Chair.  

Studio 180 Special Interest Group

The Studio 180 Special Interest Group meets monthly on Zoom to explore projects using Studio 180 tools.  So far, the group has been focusing on the Tucker Trimmer and Wing Clipper.  There are so many other Studio 180 tools to try!

Electric Quilt (EQ8) Special Interest Group

The EQ8 Special Interest Group meets every two weeks on Zoom.  The group is currently working together through "Lessons for Beginners" to establish a foundation of EQ8 knowledge for the group.  

The group meets to go through the book while practicing on their own computers using EQ8.  It's been a great way to increase familiarity with EQ8 and learn tips and tricks from each other.  

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