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WQG Charity Society

Westshore Charity Quilt Society -- Every member of the Westshore Quilters’ Guild is a member of the Westshore Charity Quilt Society. The constitution and by-laws of the charity society can be viewed here.

The mandate of the charity society is to make and donate “Quilts from the Heart” to the community as needed as part of the host society (Westshore Quilters’ Guild).


The current focus of Quilts from the heart is Cridge Transition House for Women  and their dependent children, and Anney's Closet. Guild members gather together periodically to hold cutting bees, sewing bees etc. Many quilts and quilt tops are donated to the society by individual members. Once the women feel confident enough to begin their new life, a quilt is given to them as a gift from our members with the thought that the love that went into making the quilt gives them comfort and hope. Approximately 140 quilts are donated annually.

Thanks to all our hard working, creative, lovely ladies that put together 87 quilts for Transition House in 2020.  This brings our total quilts given to 1,147 to date.  We have given Anney's Closet 203 to date.  Sixteen lap sized quilts went to The Priory this year and 5 went to the "Welcome Quilts".  Well done quilters, we should be so proud!  Thank you for the friendship along the way, it means sew much.  Thanks also to the many who have donated fabric to our charity stash.  Much appreciated!

November 23, 2023  Shar delivered the WQG final drop off for 2023. Thanks to all who have contributed to
this worthwhile cause. Here are our new totals as follows:
Hats: 357, Bags of both sizes: 420, socks: 507 pairs, undies: 434 and pajamas or nighties 394. This
brings our new total for donation of the above items to 2,112! In addition to this, we have delivered so
many more things including toothpaste, toothbrushes, sanitary products, lotions, shampoo, toys,
clothing items, so much more and food items,etc. Thank you to all who have given me the privilege of
delivering these precious items. Included in todays delivery were 24 pairs of pajamas, Marlene (the
director) said that the residents will each get a set to wear on Christmas Eve this year. Thanks to all!




Charity Society History has been updated in the Member's Only Area.

But to recap the last few years....

2021: 173 quilts were made. 88 quilts for Transition House, 56 to Anney's Closet, and 29 to Priory Lane Long Term Care. 

2022: 173 quilts were made.  103 went to Transition House, and 86 to Anney's Closet.


  • The Society had 3 raffle quilts donated and appraised for the 2023 Quilt Show. The first prize quilt was made by Marlene Speed and appraised for $3,600, second prize from the estate of Carol Malmgren at $2,400, and third prize was made by Allison Metzger and appraised for $1,200.

  • 240 books of raffle tickets were ordered.

  • In addition to quilts, members made a total of: pajamas 304, hand made knitted hats 216, socks 347, undies 330, bags for toiletries and bags for the children’s welcome bags 259. We also started donating food items as they rely on food banks to top up their grocery needs. Since we started the extra program in August 2021 we have donated 1,456 pieces.

Please help support the Charity Society with the Fairway Market Card program. 

Contact the WQG Treasurer or the Charity Executive Shar Lyseng to receive your card by Canada Post.  This is a great way to help fund raise for our Guild Charity.  Thank you for your support.

Other Charitable Endeavours...

           CHARITY                               GUILD CONTACT PERSON                       DONATIONS REQUESTED

Cridge Transition House                        Sue Sharock                                Quilts, Bed Size for Women & Children

Anney's Closet                                       Sue Sharock                                Quilts, Pillowcases, Clothes, etc.

Canada Comforts                                   Joan Ruxton                          Knitted dishcloths, sample soaps/shampoos

Children's Pediatric Ward @ VGH          Alice Duncan                         Completed Children's quilts for Pediatric oncology patients

Quilts of Valour                                       Lynn Carroll                          Completed quilts for injured Canadian Soldiers                                                                                                                                      

Quilts for Survivors of Indian Residential Schools   Sue Bruning          Blocks or Quilts                    

Welcome Quilts                                       Sue Bruning                         Quilts for new immigrant families.  All sizes.

Women's Transition House                      Shar Lyseng                          "new" nighties, socks,  personal hygiene products, etc.

Summer 2020: The Charity Society initiated a Charity quilt challenge.  You chose between 3 FQs and made a twin size quilt.  We had a covid friendly viewing and voting in a local park in Langford prior to the donating of the quilts to charity.

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