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Making Hanging Sleeves for Quilts Entered in the Quilt Show

For all quilts, the sleeve should be cut at 6” x (the width of your quilt minus 2”). If you wish to save fabric and sewing time, you can use a 6” x 42” fabric strip to make the sleeve and cut it in thirds. One strip should be stitched 2” from the left side of the quilt, one strip 2” from the right side of the quilt, and one centred in the middle of the quilt.

To refresh your memory on how to make a hanging sleeve check out the video from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

The sleeves put on Charity Challenge quilts will be removed before they are donated to Transition House. So please sew the sleeves on with a fairly long basting stitch so they are easy to remove. We will have to remove around 25 sleeves after the show.

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