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New!  Information Sessions

Join Lynne and other Guild members at Information Sessions, taking place on the Saturday Sew Day each month.  There is no cost for members.  Come and learn something new!  All Information Sessions take place at COTA.

October 19th - Tooly

Are you looking for an easy way to store your sewing tools and have them organized and readily accessible beside your sewing machine? 


The "tooly" is a stand up holder that protects your sewing tools and closes up for easy travel.  There is lots of room for your rulers, rotary cutter, seam ripper, scissors and much more. 


The cover can be folded and used as a pin cushion or as a pad for your pins and scissors. 


Join Sue S. at the October Saturday sew day, October 19.


November 2nd - Project Bag

The Project Bag is a great way to store your quilting project.  The clear vinyl, zippered bag measures 18" x 18" and allows you to see the project.  It's big enough for any quilting project so you can easily transport it to a Guild Sew Day or retreat!

Join Jes on the November Saturday sew day, November 2.

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