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The Church of the Advent continues to be closed for our use in following the latest Covid 19 Public Health protocols in place indefinitely (PHO dated 5 Feb. 2021).  Please keep checking the website and your emails for the latest news.

                                        New Charity Challenge: Friendship Star in PINK!!  See Shar for details and get                                                some pink fabrics.  Pattern on the Members Only Challenge page.

                                         International Quilt Day: March 20th by Zoom -  I will be hosting the first Zoom                                             charity sew day . We will be making quilted pads for pets to be given to the                                                     SPCA and other shelters in the area. The general sizes are 12x18 and 16x24. They do not have to be exact but need to have at least three layers and quilted at least four inches apart. The middle layer can be anything, batting any kind, old  towels or fleece; they just need to be made well enough to be washed many times. The edges can be turned under and machine stitched or zigzagged or surged or a binding can be put on. It’s up to you.  Pat B.

Sweet Sixteen Quilt Show 2021 has been cancelled.  In it's place we are proposing a Year of Covid quilting- the great Glorified Show and Share Airing of the Quilts, not a quilt show Virtural quilt show- obviously we need a new name!!  Please submit ideas to

Happy 2021 everyone! 2020 was a different year for the world. We have learned to connect to each other while social distancing. Keeping in touch with our friends and family in various ways. Even an old dog like me has learnt a new technology, Zoom.


I’d like to invite you to join our guild. We are a fun low key guild. We share ideas, tips and tricks with our fellow members. We are very active with our charities and community. Join us and make new friends and learn new techniques in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Contact membership for information on how to join.


Happy in sewing

Paula Nagy

President 2020/2021

                                    Program: (patterns can be downloaded from member's only program page.)

                                    March Block Lotto Challenge: The Napping Block                                             due to Jes F. Tues. Mar. 23rd.


As already posted on our Facebook page and sent by email notice, I have had a very reasonable request to extend the completion date for the following challenge to March 2021. 

"IF you have won a WQG block lotto, won any other block lotto, won strips in "strip poker" game at a retreat or guild meeting or received blocks in a block exchange the challenge is to COMPLETE a quilt, wall-hanging, bags, etc., out of them. A number of PRIZES will be given. Note that objects that have already been completed out of WQG block lotto winnings only, are also eligible. Send me a photo of your completed item(s) and where and when (to the best of your memory) you obtained blocks or strips from. Contract tracing! lol

Blocks won up to February 28, 2021 eligible to be used for this challenge.

Due Tuesday, March 23!  Contact Jes F.  Email address available in Member's Only area.

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