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If you are a member in good standing of the Westshore Quilters' Guild, you may sign up to access all the fun stuff in the member's only area. You will need to sign up and be approved before you can log in.  

Isn't this exciting??  A new Guild Information Brochure - Click HERE to check it out!!

The January meeting is our Annual AGM.  There will be an interesting presentation of Our Favourite Notions compiled by Sherri from our Guild Members.

The election of the 2024-2026 WQG board will be held January 25th at the AGM at 7pm.
All positions on the board are open so if you are interested in running for a position,
please contact Jan Peever at 250-478-6462. If you want to learn about the different roles
and responsibilities of a board position, they are posted on the Guild's website in the
members only section.
The Guild would not function without an executive, directors-at-large and committees. Please
support the Guild and consider running for a position for the next term.


International Quilt Day
For International Quilt day on Saturday March 16, 2024, I suggested we do a quilt as you go project. Della posted a project by Karen Brown of Just Get It Done. It showed how to make quilt blocks with the quilt as you go method. The Charity Society will have the batting, backing and colour coordinated strips cut and ready for you to sew together with your friends. The units will be 13 x 7 to start and squared up to 12x6. It is a very easy project.
I’m hoping that we will be able to produce enough units for 3 or 4 quilts and be able to put together at least 2 quilts. You will need to bring your sewing machine with a walking foot + some empty bobbins to wind with thread to match the backing fabric. Prepare to have a fun day!  (Sue S.)

Quilt Show 2023 is now uploaded.  View under the quilt show tab in the menu bar.

first prize quilt

First Place Raffle Quilt - pieced and quilted by Marlene Speed.  Won by Cindy.

second prize quilt

Second Place Raffle Quilt - pieced and quilted by Marlene Speed.  Won by Suzanne Tremblay.

third prize quilt

Third Place Raffle Quilt - pieced and quilted by Allison Metzger.  Won by Anne Pokocky.


Want to know the most DELICIOUS way to support us? Order Purdys chocolates from our fundraiser! Log in:

This year, we’re hoping to raise [at least] $450 for Westshore Quilters' Guild, and we need YOUR help!

From now until November 21, you can order Purdys treats from our fundraiser by joining the Westshore Quilters' Guild campaign and browsing the tastiest selection of Christmas chocolates online. Shop gifts for family, friends, neighbours AND yourself in one convenient place. After all orders are submitted, we’ll sort, distribute, and let you know when you can collect your goodies.

What you’ll need to order:

1. Our campaign number: 62452

2. Go to our fundraising website:

3. Click “Join Campaign”

4. Shop, shop, shop away!

Thank you EVERYONE for your support. Even if you can’t buy chocolates from us, it would mean the world if you could share this fundraiser link to everyone you know!


Our latest fundraising venture is an easy one. Next time you need to fuel up your vehicle, go to a Peninsula Co Op gas station and use the Guild's co op number.  The membership number is 140033, can be shared with any family members or friends to support the Guild.  Use it whenever you make purchases from Peninsula Co-op or participating Save-On Gas. At the end of the year, the Guild will earn a rebate, based on the dollar amount of purchases members have made throughout the year.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for your support!

An ad hoc fundraising committee has been set up to brainstorm ideas to raise funds for the Guild.  Ideas have included selling Purdy's chocolates, retreats, a calendar, making patterns, craft sale, pancake breakfast and more.  If you have any ideas or wish to join the committee, please email with fundraising in the subject line. 

Charity Fundraising

You are invited to take part in a new fundraising program using Fairway Market Community Shopping Cards. These reloadable cards are similar to the Smile Cards we've used in the past but these are for use at Fairway Markets.


To take part in this program, please pick up your reloadable Fairway Market card from Shar.

Load or re-load your card at any check out counter at any of the 10 Fairway Market stores on Vancouver Island. Use any means of payment including your favourite credit card to collect points or miles. You may re-load between $20 and $500 each time and you can re-load the same card multiple times.   

WQG automatically receives 5% from Fairway Market for every dollar loaded on the card.

Sweet Sixteen Virtual Quilt Show -   

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