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2024 Programs

April 25, 2024 - Susan Teece - “How Long Did It Take You To Make That?”

9:30 am - In-Person

Join us for a trunk show and lecture from Susan Teece, a popular and well-known local quilt maker and pattern designer.

This in-person event will be simulcast on Zoom for virtual Guild members.

Susan Teece, our April 2024 speaker

May 16, 2024 - Kristie Naranjo - Scrappy Applique

7:00 pm - Zoom

Scrappy Applique is a fun & different applique technique where you collage your leftover scrap fabrics to create a one of a kind project. In this presentation, Kristie will share an overview of the Scrappy Applique process from start to finish and end with a trunk show of different examples of projects to inspire quilters to create their own.

A zebra made with the Scrappy Applique technique

June 27, 2024 - Bridget O'Flaherty - Stitching Change: Exploring Sustainable Paths in Quilting

9:30 am - Zoom

Through captivating storytelling and visual examples of her own work, Bridget will demonstrate how sustainability and artistic expression can harmoniously coexist. From repurposing fabrics to exploring innovative techniques, she will showcase the incredible possibilities that emerge when creativity and sustainability intersect.

By sharing her own experiences and artistic process, Bridget will ignite a spark of inspiration within your guild members. Her talk will not only provide valuable insights into sustainability in quilting but also encourage fellow textile artists to embrace their unique creative journeys and make a positive impact through their work.

Bridget O'Flaherty

July 25, 2024 - Ice Cream Social

7:00 pm - In-Person

Our annual Ice Cream Social is always a popular event!  Join us for a fun meeting to play games (yes, fabric is involved!), socialize, and have some ice cream to celebrate the summer.  

More details to follow.

Our July Ice Cream Social

August 22, 2024 - Annual Garage Sale

7:00 pm - In-Person

The Garage Sale is an annual event for a reason - members love it!  Bring fabric, patterns, or notions to sell, or come to shop and pick up something new.  

Annual Garage Sale for members

September 26, 2024 - Kate Gately - "My Creative Journey"

7:00 pm - In-Person

Kate is a local author and a quilter!

Join us for a conversation on the magic of stitching stories through writing & quilting. Along with reading select passages from her written work, Kate will bring quilts and samples from her Lost Wells Trilogy fabric collection for a show-and-tell and host a Q&A session.


"That was when I saw it: the quilt.


Peeking out from a faded and slumping hat box was a slip of blood-red velvet fabric. It was marked with what looked like delicate white hand stitching, and was curiously untouched by the dust and mildew that plagued the rest of the dim attic space. I was instantly intrigued."

[Tides of the Sovereign, Chapter One]

This in-person event will be simulcast on Zoom for virtual Guild members.

Kate Gateley

October 24, 2024 - Allison Metzger - Trunk Show

9:30 am - In-Person

Our own Allison Metzger is a talented quiltmaker and an amazing longarm quilter.  She has designed patterns, including a very popular mystery quilt for the Guild, and she is an accomplished quilter.  Allison made one of the stunning raffle quilts for the 2023 Quilt Show, shown right.  Read more about Allison on her website.  

You won't want to miss this in-person meeting to see Allison's gorgeous quilts.  This in-person event will be simulcast on Zoom for virtual Guild members.

A raffle quilt from the 2023 Quilt Show

November 28, 2024 - Shannon Fraser - Finding your creative practice through a 100-day project

7:00 pm - Zoom

Looking for ways to develop your quilty creative practice? Let me share how taking on a 100-day project can help you do just that. I'll share with you my first 100-day experience, how I picked my topic, how I kept it manageable, the challenges I faced, the quilt I created through the journey and what I learned from sticking with this creative challenge. I'll also share tips on how you can successfully navigate this challenge to reap the most of out it and build a lasting creative practice. 

Read more about Shannon on her website.

Shannon Fraser

December 12, 2024 - Christmas Tea

9:30 am - In-Person

Every December, our Guild Executive host a Christmas Tea, with fancy sandwiches and treats.  

Join us for inspirational stories and a chance to spend more time socializing with other Guild friends while you enjoy tea and goodies. 

Christmas Tea

January 25, 2024 - Annual General Meeting and "My Favourite Notion"

7:00 pm - Zoom

Our January 2024 program is called "My Favourite Notion".  At our WQG Saturday Night Sewing Parties, members have been sharing some of their favourite notions, and there are a lot of new ones out there!

We will be sharing favourite notions of guild members... including you! Do you have a notion that you can't live without? A tool or technique that makes your piecing perfect or ensures that precise 1/4" seam?

A video featuring members talking about their favourite notions will be shown at the meeting, after the Annual General Meeting.  

My Favourite Notion

February 29, 2024 - Joni Newman - "My Quilting Journey – My World In Quilts"

9:30 am - In-Person

I am a quilter/designer now located on beautiful Vancouver Island after spending my entire life in Ontario. I started sewing as a young teenager and it didn’t take long to start experimenting and playing with fibre and fabric. My love of textiles and desire to create led me to quilting.

I spend as much time as possible out exploring nature and this influences what happens in the studio. I am always trying to capture the beauty and spirit of the great outdoors in my pieces.

Beautiful quilt by Joni Newman

March 21, 2024 - Thomas Knauer - Social Justice and Code Quilts

7:00 pm - Zoom

How do letters, numbers, words, and sentences change when used on a quilt rather than a screen or piece of paper? Statement quilts are an emerging trend within the modern quilt movement. Quilt artist Thomas Knauer's quilts follow the craftivism movement and emphasize social justice issues.

Thomas and his family live in upstate New York.  Read more about him at:

Quilt Out Loud by Thomas Knauer
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